[rt-users] notification of correspondence to person performing action --also, mail commands?

Brian Jones jonesy at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Jan 9 09:48:39 EST 2003

hi all,

I'm running RT 2.0.14, and we've been using RT in general for quite 
some time now.  In the newer versions, however, we've all noted two 
rather large changes that we'd like to somehow hack into the newer 
version (it 'just worked'(tm) in the older versions):

1.  Some of us deal with RT almost exclusively via email.  However, in 
this version, if I reply to a ticket, everyone gets that correspondence 
except for me!  Everyone in my group would like the ability to have the 
whole thread, including our replies, in our RT mail folders, but for 
the life of me I can't determine the proper place in the code to make 
this change.  Sifting through all this terminology and code is 
non-trivial.  Can I do this with some simple scrip?  Has someone done 
this?  Did I miss this in the manual?  I read it!

2.  Since we upgraded, the old % commands we used to be able to put in 
our emails don't work.  Was this feature deprecated?  Can I get it back 

Thanks for any input here.

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