[rt-users] [rt-announce] RT 2.1.59 - RT 3.0 Alpha 2

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Jan 13 02:52:06 EST 2003

I'm pleased to announce that RT 2.1.59 has been designated the "Alpha 2"
release of RT 3.0. It includes the new client-server mail gateway
system, as well as a significantly prettier and easier to use user interface 
and a slew of bug fixes and enhancements.  


Moving forward, We're hard at work on the new commandline interface, 
additional improvements to the installation process, a new documentation
set and the rt2 -> rt3 import tool. 

When the new import tool is ready, I expect to release "Beta 1" of RT3,
which I will be using in production.  From that point forward, upgrades 
within RT's 2.1.x series will be supported through RT 3.0.0, which we'll
be working toward as quickly as we can. 

	Jesse Vincent
	Best Practical Solutions, LLC

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