[rt-users] 'Out of memory' error message

plasma plasmaball at pchome.com.tw
Fri Jan 17 01:31:15 EST 2003

Hi all,

My platform is Freebsd 4.7-release.

I upgraded mysql to 3.23.54 a couple of weeks ago, then session data
seems broken.  Several other modules were upgraded together, so I'm
not sure what cause this problem.

After logging in RT, it's ok to see, modify, and create tickets.  But
if I click a queue link to see what tickets are in it, the error
message 'Out of memory' will appear in Apache's log.  After this, RT
is unable to serve any further requests.

I traced the code, and seems this is not RT's fault.  The only way to
resolve is use files to store session data.  In
share/html/Elements/SetupSessionCookie, change the line:

  my $session_class = $backends{$RT::DatabaseType} ||


  my $session_class = 'Apache::Session::File';

So far, I don't encounter any problem.


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