[rt-users] trouble logging into web interface

SUBREDU Manuel diablo at iasi.roedu.net
Fri Jan 17 08:30:43 EST 2003


 I have some strange problem with rt. Yesterday I've set up rt and was working
fine. All was ok, users, tickets etc. After the instalation, I have created my
own users, changed the password for root, and create some test tickets to see
how it's working. Today, I've created some real tickets using the mail
interface and then I tryied to login in using the web interface to check them
out. Surprize ! No user can log in into rt webui . None. Not event root. I've
set the password again using rtadmin cli and tryied again. Nothing. The
mailinterface is working well (I've created some tickets to see if it works)
but the webui is dead. Nothing in the apache error_log, nothing in the rt.log.
Just "your username or passsword is incorect". Could you help me ?

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