[rt-users] trouble logging into web interface

J. Sloan js138 at eng.cam.ac.uk
Fri Jan 17 13:57:06 EST 2003

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, SUBREDU Manuel wrote:

>  Hy,
>  I have some strange problem with rt. Yesterday I've set up rt and was working
> fine. All was ok, users, tickets etc. After the instalation, I have created my
> own users, changed the password for root, and create some test tickets to see
> how it's working. Today, I've created some real tickets using the mail
> interface and then I tryied to login in using the web interface to check them
> out. Surprize ! No user can log in into rt webui . None. Not event root. I've
> set the password again using rtadmin cli and tryied again. Nothing. The
> mailinterface is working well (I've created some tickets to see if it works)
> but the webui is dead. Nothing in the apache error_log, nothing in the rt.log.
> Just "your username or passsword is incorect". Could you help me ?

I've had this happen many times - usually when I've change something
subtle in config.pm and restarted.

The mod_perl caching seems to be the problem, from other posts to this
list.  In my case the solution has been to stop httpd, drink a cup of
coffee, and then start it again 5 minutes later.   This works more often
than not, and more, reliably than deleting the data and sessiondata


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