[rt-users] recommended setup for public access

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Fri Jan 17 12:37:36 EST 2003


After evaluating several ticket tracking systems, I've decided that RT
seems to be the best candidate to handling the ticket tracking systems
for a city (40,000 people) ticket tracking system I'm working on.

I've got RT installed and have been reading through the docs, FAQ, and
old mailing list posts. I'm still hung up on this question: What's the
recommended way to set up a "general public" interface, allowing people
to create tickets in the system?

I tried creating a user named "public" with a link like this:


However, the "Queue" field remains empty and it's a required field, so
the form doesn't work. (This could be considered a bug in the software--
If the form requires a queue but there are no possible options when the
form is being built, then there is no reason to display the form).

Examples or recommendations for implementing public web and e-mail
interfaces would be appreciated.




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