[rt-users] recommended setup for public access

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Sun Jan 19 23:13:32 EST 2003

> > http://website.com/rt/SelfService/Create.html?user=public;pass=public
> You want an "&", not a ";" there...

Thanks for the response Phil.

The use of the semicolon was intentional. Not only is it supported by
RT, it's also recommended by the W3C as part of the HTML 4.01 spec:


It's also supported by Perl's CGI.pm module, among other places.

> > However, the "Queue" field remains empty and it's a required field, so
> > the form doesn't work.
> You need to grant "public" the right to "SeeQueue" for any queues
> you want to be visible there.

Thanks for the tip.



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