[rt-users] RT Possibilites?

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There are a number of ways to do this.  The one that requires the least
messing about (as far as I can tell) would be to subclass Mason's resolver.
The resolver is the object that takes a component path and finds the
component, among other things.  

See http://masonbook.com/book/chapter-12.mhtml#TOC-ANCHOR-4 for more info.

The idea would be to have the resolver determine if the component exists in
a Queue specific directory.  If there is a special Queue version, return
that component.  If there isn't, return the normal component.  The big
question is, "How does the resolver know what queue the request is for?"  I
think the resolver is initialized once and reused for multiple requests (in
a mod_perl environment).  So you'll need to check the Request object
($HTML::Mason::Commands::m) to get the queue to look for.  You'll 
You'll need to update the RT::Web::Interface module to use your new

The 1.1x versions of Mason are written with subclassing in mind, so it
shouldn't be too hairy.

The other options I could think of required making changes to every file in
the RT web interface.  This seemed like a bad idea.

I thought a bit about using multiple component roots.  This is how the local
component directory is set up.  The problem is that each component root is
checked in the order it is listed, and there doesn't seem to be a way for a
component to decline to handle the request and force further searching of
the component root list.

Good luck.


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Would it be possible to have the directory structure like such

         User/ ....
         include only files I changed
         include only files I changed

and have html_mason look at for the file in the queue's directory and if 
not found use the one in the Default?
I would want this to also work for the .html files (IE so i could rearrage 
the forms or change some of the form names on the outside, like owner to 
assigned to)
But I would want html mason to hide the Default or Queue1 part of the url 
from everything else.

so a link like http://www.example.com/Ticket/History.html?id=42
would take them to the queue specific view of that ticket which would have 
the files in

Is that possible?


At 02:01 PM 1/17/2003, Bruce Campbell wrote:
>On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, John Gedeon wrote:
> > I have a request for a queue with the look of rt a little different.
> > is only people using that queue want the change. Is there a way to make
> > different mason files show up for specific queues? Has this been done?
>Interesting.  It certainly can be done.
>What you want to be doing is to have your collection of files for Queue
>'foo'.  For simplicity, give them the extension '.foo'.
>Then, you can change your main pages to include files based on the queue
>name, eg:
>         <& /Elements/TitleBoxEnd.$queuename &>
>( This is a quick example, and I'm skipping over a lot of stuff, such as
>   how you're setting $queuename etc ).
>If you wanted to be more tricky, you could have your magic include file,
>         <& /Elements/DefInclude, queue => $queuename, include =>
>           '/Elements/TitleBoxEnd &>
>Where /Elements/DefInclude looked for the requested_file.$queuename, or
>the requested_file in the former's absence.
> > Main point is how complex is it to have it done?
>Its not that complex, it would just be annoying to set this up (in
>changing all the files that did includes in the appropriate manner).
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