[rt-users] Additional database fields

Tony Aiuto tony at ics.com
Wed Jan 22 15:11:30 EST 2003

>Has anyone experimented with adding extra fields to the rt database?
>I have a user requesting that a location field be added to our work request
>system.  ...  If anyone has had any experience with this or would like to
>help me tackle it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Yes.  It's not too difficult if it's just a simple text field.

I added a 'Department' to my Users table so that I could make
the home page appear differently for people in different departments
within our company.

Here it is in a nutshell. YMMV

Add the column

	ALTER TABLE Users Add Department  varchar(16);

	Add the column to the %Cols block in _Accessible

		# {{{ ICS additions
		Department => 'public/read/write',
		# }}}

	same kind of thing

Pick a page where I can edit it (WebRT/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html
in this case)

	  Unix login: <input name="Gecos" value="<%$UserObj->Gecos%>">
	+ Department: <input name="Department" value="<%$UserObj->Department%>">
	+ <BR>
	  Extra info: <textarea name="FreeformContactInfo" cols=20 rows=5>...
	  <& /Elements/TitleBoxEnd &>

Good luck.

-Tony Aiuto

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