[rt-users] support with folks with phone #s but not e-mail

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Wed Jan 22 15:39:08 EST 2003


I'm evaluating deploying RT in an organization where most of the
requests come in by phone, and people sometime wish to remain anonymous.
(People are complaining because their neighbors weeds are too tall).

Have other people used RT like this? There are few changes from the
default install of RT that are needed to make this really easy:

 - In the model of "everybody is a user", for people that identify
   themselves, operators can be trained to create or search for a user,
   and /then/ create a ticket. I see that phone number and address
   support is already present in the user records. That's good.

 - In the "Create a new Ticket" screen, user ids as well as
   e-mails need to be accepted in the "Requestors" box. I just tried
   this, and found what appeared to be a bug in RT 2.0.15: It silently
   ignored my input and set the Requestor field to "none".

 - On the search page, it would be great to be able to search by
   phone number and or address.

Has anyone customized RT to be able to search by phone number or



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