[rt-users] Re: Providing Time Worked via Email

Stefan Seiz TalkLists at index-s.de
Tue Jan 28 05:31:44 EST 2003

On 28.01.2003 2:14 Uhr, Phil Homewood <pdh at snapgear.com> wrote:

> Stefan Seiz wrote:
>> I want to SUBMIT a VALUE (Munites) to the RT_Database via Email which get's
>> ADDED to the TIME-Worked of the ticket I am replying to (via mail). Similar
>> to the formfield which exists in the REPLY to a Ticket FORm in the
>> WebuserInterface...
> http://fsck.com/rtfm/article.html?id=5#76

Thanks, that almost worked. Nonetheless theis was a helpful link.

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