[rt-users] change/modify tickets

Sergio Cesar sergio at winc.net
Wed Jan 29 20:43:58 EST 2003

Thanks, got it.

If any one knows of a script or a way to actually edit the content I would
be very much interested.

As a newbie to RT I don't feel yet comfortable with the database schema, but
if someone could hint me what are the tables/fields I need to edit and some
warning what not to touch I may venture a perl script to do so... :)

Thanks again.

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Sergio Cesar wrote:
> As an admin of the system, how can I change the subject, sender and the
> content of a ticket?

subject: changeable from the "basics" menu/tab when viewing the ticket
sender (aka requestor): changeable from the "people" menu/tab
content: you cannot generally do that.

> 3- How do I set the start and due date automatically when the ticket is
> created?

start is typically set when work is started on the ticket; due is set
by default under Configuration->Queues->queue->"Requests should be due in:"

.... hmm, except that does not seem to work for me. Either I broke
something in the move to Time::ParseDate, or there's a bug....

See the following URL for a possible fix:

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