[rt-users] Is the ball in our court?

Jim Archer jim at archer.net
Thu Jan 30 18:06:15 EST 2003

Hi All...

We have been using RT for several weeks now and its saving us time and 
confusion every day!  There is one small issue I would appreciate some 
advice on.

We have found that it takes several exchanges with the customer to 
completely resolve their issue.  After we send them some correspondence, we 
don't have a good way to know if they have replied, since the TOLD column 
in the search is updated upon any correspondence, whether sent or received.

We have tried resolving the ticket right after sending correspondence, and 
this works in that it gets opened again by RT when the customer responds. 
This is not a great solution.

Is there an easy way to know that the customer has replied, without 
resolving the ticket?



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