[rt-users] Organisations vs individual requestors

Andrew Pollock andrew-rt at andrew.net.au
Thu Jan 30 20:17:27 EST 2003


We're looking at migrating to RT2 from a never quite finished inhouse 
developed "thing".

One thing that our existing system has is a concept of organisations. We 
can easily determine how many tickets an organisation has open (we might 
have multiple requestors from the one organisation).

I know that the auto-created users that get made when a new requestor is 
seen can have an Organisation specified, and I know you can search for 
users based on organisation, but how hard would it be to implement ticket 
searching/filtering based on requestor organisation? Possibly this is a 
feature request... To be able to view the organisation in the queue, and 
to be able to search and filter based on it?

The hierarchy for us is the organisation is the customer, not the 
individual requestors.

I figure that we can knock up a custom PHP page to produce a report from 
the RT database pretty easily, but it would be good to tie this directly 
into RT.


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