[rt-users] Is the ball in our court?

Harald Kollera harald.kollera at fun.de
Fri Jan 31 09:02:10 EST 2003


On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 00:06, Jim Archer wrote:
> Hi All...
> Is there an easy way to know that the customer has replied, without 
> resolving the ticket?
In our workflow we have added a new state called "fixed", which means we
found a solution for the problem, but it is not tested yet or the
customer has not agreed to our solution . That depends on the usage of
the queue. In the web interface 'fixed' tickets are shown in a light
blue in the list of the tickets one owns, so everyone has a good
overview. (we like these colored lists :-) 
These tickets reopen like 'stalled' or 'resolved' tickets, if something
happens with them. Normally the customer responds next to a message.

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