[rt-users] Is the ball in our court?

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The way we solved the problem here is through a scrip. 
Some of our queues have only a few tickets, very few owners, and a usually
long delay before questions get an anwser (because they usually need some
Users where complaining that they hd to check all tickets several times a
day for nothing, just in case someone had replied.

The scrip just send the owner a mail message when a transaction occurs on
its message. This transaction is almost always an incomming answer. The
emails contains a URL to the ticket itself so the owner just has to click on
the URL and he is back into RT on the desired ticket.

All this is just using standard features.

The proposed solutions based on status and proposed in the other replies are
interesting too, could not be applied to us. Turning the messages to
"solved" was not acceptable to us for several reasons :
1) Really, the ticket is NOT solved. I want to know there is still some
potential time to spend on it for the team.
2) When solving a ticket, we send a message out. Users would beleive we
consider that problems are solved when they can't be sorted out in less than
2 days. Bad for our reputation....


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Hi All...

We have been using RT for several weeks now and its saving us time and 
confusion every day!  There is one small issue I would appreciate some 
advice on.

We have found that it takes several exchanges with the customer to 
completely resolve their issue.  After we send them some correspondence, we 
don't have a good way to know if they have replied, since the TOLD column 
in the search is updated upon any correspondence, whether sent or received.

We have tried resolving the ticket right after sending correspondence, and 
this works in that it gets opened again by RT when the customer responds. 
This is not a great solution.

Is there an easy way to know that the customer has replied, without 
resolving the ticket?



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