[rt-users] Auto-logout problem with IE

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Fri Jan 31 16:41:35 EST 2003

Well, after exploring every possible avenue, we finally stumbled onto the 
solution. We verified everything from DNS config on our DNS servers to the 
RT server, compared RT and Apache configs between the working dev box and 
the non-working prod box, you name it, we tried it. The solution? The prod 
server had an underscore in the name. Remove the underscore, voila, 
everything works fine. I don't know if this is a DNS restriction or a 
problem with RT, but regardless, it's finally fixed.

Thanks to anyone who emailed me suggestions, most pointed to DNS, and in 
the end, they were right.


--On Tuesday, December 17, 2002 5:32 PM -0500 Tom Lichti 
<tom at redpepperracing.com> wrote:

> OS: 2000, XP
> Browser: IE 5.5,6
> Server: Redhat 8, Apache 1.3.27, mod_perl 1.27, rt 2.0.15, MySQL
> 3.23.53a, HTML:Mason 1.1.15, Perl 5.8.0
> Problem: Using IE, a user can login successfully, but if they click on
> any link, it automatically logs them out and takes them to the login
> page. If you login again, it will take you to the page you requested
> previously. This works fine with the Phoenix browser (Mozilla branch),
> not sure of any others. I have played with the caching, cookie, etc.
> parameters under internet options, but it hasn't made a difference. It
> also seems to be related to how many users access the browser. For some
> people who are the only ones to use the terminal, it works ok (on my
> laptop, which was just installed with XP last week, and I am the only
> user, it does not work) and on systems that are shared, it never works.
> Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, where is session data stored, in
> the cookie? I don't see any tables that could be holding it. Or is it a
> variable that is passed between pages? Or is it in the URL? At a quick
> glance, I don't see it in the URL.
> Thanks in advance.
> Tom Lichti
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