[rt-users] Auto-logout problem with IE

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>>I don't know if this is a DNS restriction or a problem with RT, but
regardless, it's finally fixed.

It isdefinitely is a restriction in the DNS. The RFCs are very clear about
it, but Microsoft ignores it and let users put underscores in machines
names, so now many people think it is authorized. The naming conventions in
my company used to rely on underscores and we ran into A LOT of strange
problems like this one. You really want to suppress those. Many software
running on other OSes will refuse them, namely, Bind, the standard DNS for
Unix boxes needs to be compiled with a specific setting to accept
underscores. Most internet DNSes will not carry them.

Recently, IE started to be more restrictive on underscores in a domain. We
had a perfectly working commercial application which suddenly would not run
on some PCs while it was working on some others aparently perfectly similar.
The only difference was a "security patch" some users had downloaded through
the automatic windows update system.

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