[rt-users] RT Getting Started Guide

Scott Hardin scott.hardin at hnsc.de
Mon Jan 27 03:24:22 EST 2003

At the request of a customer, I created a 'Getting Started' guide for 
the customer's RT system that walks the new user through the process of 
creating and working with a ticket. It is used in a two-hour training 
session for system operators that may therwise be overwhelmed by the 
full user guide available at fsck.com.

The XML file is in DocBook format, with variables at the top for 
specifying local server and queue names at the beginning of the document 
making it easy to customize for a particular site.

The customer has authorized me to 'give something back to the community' 
in my name. The XML file with an example PDF generated for those that 
don't have immediate access to the DocBook tools is available at 
http://www.hnsc.de/rt.html for those interested.

Of course, feedback is welcome...

Scott Hardin <scott.hardin at hnsc.de>
Hard 'n Software Consulting GmbH

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