[rt-users] Hirachical customer access

Senoner Samuel Samuel.Senoner at eurac.edu
Thu Apr 8 03:05:17 EDT 2004

To be more exact it's the show ticket right on the queue.
You just have to disable that right on the queue and give the owner the see ticket right.
But for tickets owned by nobody I don't know how you can do it..... Probably patching the part where the right show ticket is applied and there give an exception that if nobody is the owner this ticket is also shown.....


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Ralf Hack wrote:
>  Unprivileged users only see the tickets they requested. Maybe I may 
> have overlooked a feature where I can split the view of a queue. But 
> as privileged user I can see all tickets of a queue because I have 
> been assigned the right 'SeeQueue'.  In our case, each Queue is 
> dedicated to a group of admins. So, without changing the UI, 
> priviledged customer will see their own as well as other tickets.

SeeQueue means you can see the queue, not all the tickets within.
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