[rt-users] Help with Unprivileged user

Senoner Samuel Samuel.Senoner at eurac.edu
Thu Apr 8 02:55:16 EDT 2004

In my opinion it's because of two things:

1. All tabs are visible and not hidden by acls, that are things that just admin should see, or someone with the appropriate rights.
2. The quicksearch table shows a summary of all queues where the user has "see queue" rights, but that's every queue where the user can create ticket, needed because the user has to see the queues in the drop down list.....

I planned to change point 2, it whould be enough for me.... But anyway if somebody already has a patch, or an idea.

In my opinion the above 2 points should be changed by default.


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Why does everybody always want to give priveleges to an unprivileged user? Just make them privileged and then give them the necessary rights.

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