[rt-users] Hirachical customer access

Senoner Samuel Samuel.Senoner at eurac.edu
Thu Apr 8 05:21:29 EDT 2004

Please post also to list.

I wanted to say this:

If you don't give a priviledged user the show tickt rights on your queue he doesn't see anything. OK?
He doesn't see anything if somebody assigned to him a ticket.
You must give him some rights, but on what?
If you give to the group owner, globally or on the queue, the right show ticket, he can see the tickets where he is the owner. OK?
So somebody must have assigned him a ticket.

And if he want to get a ticket that is owned by nobody ..... I already posted my ideas about it.
Anyway you want that a user can see only his own tickets, but nobody is another user, so he can't see tickets that are assigned to nobody, that means unowned tickets.


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    your answer is slightly confusing to me since the owner (in my tiny
world) is a person responsible to get the ticket resolved on our side and the requestor is the customer wanting us to do something.

    I believe you consider the owner to be the requestor ? If so, I might have my wires crossed somewhere.



Senoner Samuel wrote:

>To be more exact it's the show ticket right on the queue.
>You just have to disable that right on the queue and give the owner the see ticket right.
>But for tickets owned by nobody I don't know how you can do it..... Probably patching the part where the right show ticket is applied and there give an exception that if nobody is the owner this ticket is also shown.....

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