[rt-users] move resolved tickets into another table

Ralf Hack ralf.hack at pipex.net
Thu Apr 8 18:54:34 EDT 2004


    That should be interesting. I have just been asked to move the data 
of 'the' old (dbm based) system into RT. We are talking about a 100k of 
tickets dating back 3 years. I am particularly concerned with the 
Transaction table that will contain all the tickets, every response for 
some 500 users.

    I am assuming that CPAN scales about to the same size and above -- 
so RT ought to be able to handle this on a well spec'd hardware (using 
mysql). Or doesn't it ?


Les Mikesell wrote:

>You can prove this quickly just by observing that whatever machine
>you have running the program does not have infinite storage, therefore
>it is only a matter of time until a program that assumes you do will
>break.  On a more practical note, I have an rt2 system that has about
>25,000 tickets and about as many users since most come from public
>email.  When I've attempted to convert to rt3 it has been too slow
>to use.  The rt2 version on the average is still usable, but recently
>has started locking up on occasion and 'mysqladmin processlist' will
>show several entries as 'locked' and 'copying to tmp table'.   While
>I agree in principle that databases should work with infinitely large
>files and you should never have to delete anything, the old closed
>records aren't really worth the trouble they are causing.
>  Les Mikesell
>   les at futuresource.com

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