[Rt-users] Re: /tmp running out of innodes

seph seph at directionless.org
Fri Apr 9 15:06:42 EDT 2004

>> What do the the folders look like? I've seen traffic about a bug in
>> the Mime package where it fails to clean up it's tmp folders. you
>> could check the list archives for more.
> Unfortunately, it looks like because of the server compromise, list archives
> are gone, at least for now. 
> The folders look like this (counting up hexidecimally):
> 0l0BvzZoO2

the lists archives are probably in google's cache. but yeah, that
looks like the mime bug. 

> Anyone remember anything about this? 

> Would just deleting all the folders/files older than say, 10 minutes, work?
> That would be an easy script to write until a real fix is found...

Yeah, you should be able to just nuke the old ones. various simple tmp
cleaner scripts have floated across rt-users, I think most did
60minutes, but 10 ought be okay. ISTR something about it being fixed
in later version of whatever the mime package was, but I'm not sure.


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