[Rt-users] rt-escalate on debian

Paul Suela pds at skyinet.net
Fri Apr 9 20:52:05 EDT 2004

Hi guys,

i'm giving the rt-escalate perl program a try... i have 2 questions.

1. do i have to run via crontab a separate rt-escalate for each queue i 
have? ( 1 for general, 1 for helpdesk, etc.)
2. rt-escalate's need for RT3's libs.. i don't know where these should 
are.. i installed it in debian.

in rt-escalate:
# Location of RT3's libs
use lib ("/usr/local/packages/rt/lib", 

and searching for the "libs" in debian only yields the ff.

$ dpkg -L request-tracker3 | grep libs

are these the libs?

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