[rt-users] Open but owned by Nobody

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Thu Apr 1 18:01:54 EST 2004

Nicolas Kravec (QC/EMC) wrote:
> My techs use the "Quick Search" New items from the main page, however,
> when a customer replies to their own ticket before it was opened by a
> tech, then the ticket is moved out of the "New" column because it is
> now open but owned by Nobody.  Now these tickets end up in the "Open"
> column and end up getting lost for a while until I change the status
> back to "New".    Has anyone else come across this situation?   If so,
> do you have any suggestions to avoid this?

Possible solutions:

1. Don't give the customer the right to ModifyTicket
2. Tweak your scrip to check $Transaction->IsInbound()
   before opening tickets.
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