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vinita vigine MURUGIAH vinita at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri Apr 2 00:06:04 EST 2004

I thought if you add some one as Cc in reply, that person will get 
future update. It works fine for create ticket.

There are 2 users
vinita at superuser - superuser
vvj at normaluser

People <https://rt:8000/Ticket/ModifyPeople.html?id=17>  
Owner: Nobody
Requestors: vvj at normaluser

vvj replied with CC: vinita at superuser, vinita got the mail
  Fri Apr 02 14:45:37 2004  vvj - Correspondence added    [ Reply 
] [ Comment 

RT-Send-CC: vinita at superuser

vinita please do something.

vvj replayed again, but vinita didn't get the mail, also I don't see 
vinita in Ccs

Fri Apr 02 14:47:49 2004  vvj - Correspondence added    [ Reply 
] [ Comment 

 > [vvj - Fri Apr 02 14:45:37 2004]:
 > vinita please do something.
reply if you get this letter


warm regards
Vinita Vigine Murugiah
Email : vinita at cs.mu.oz.au			Ph : (03) 8344 1273

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