[rt-users] RT and Exim4 (debian)

Christophe Berger berger at netbios.fr
Fri Apr 2 17:41:25 EST 2004


I am using debian and the exim hack given on the page 
http://www.fsck.com/rtfm/article.html?id=2#113 to make RT work.

Now I would like to upgrade to exim4 but i cannot make this hack 
working, does somebody use it? Exim4 seems not to use the transports 
like exim 3.36... and i do not understand all the things it does when 
receiving a mail.

Thanks for your help

Christophe Berger | chris at berger.cx | http://chris.berger.cx
GPG FP: 3C64 1415 7E51 469A D334 6370 426E 9C00 CB74 F360

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