[rt-users] Multiple RTs from a single code base?

Jan Algermissen jalgermissen at topicmapping.com
Mon Apr 5 06:30:13 EDT 2004

Hi all--

thanks for the help so far!

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> >
> > The company I need this for has a number of customers that are
> > managed seperately but have an identical setup and service processes.
> > I want to avoid stuffing everything in a single RT and having to
> > manage 25 times 3 queues each and 25 times say 15 customer-users
> > each etc. But it seems I'll have to do that anyway....or get 25
> > machines
> > ;-)
> Or you could use FastCGI and separate RT instances with a single
> webserver.
> But really, I'm still not sure how 25 instances x 3 queues per instance
> is harder to manage than one instance with 75 queues.

My requirements just changed and I now have to come up with an integrated
solution. What I need is one RT instance with 25 (and growing) customers
and three queues each. Each customer will have a number of users (say 20).

(We are implementing the ITIL framework[1] and thus need the three queues
for Incidents, Problems and RFCs.)

Does anyone have experiences with the scalability of RT when it comes to
this amount of queues/users (it could well be that there are 300 queues
a year or two from now).

If anyone has used similar setups and would like to share ideas/solutions
please let me know (I would also share the ITIL experiences I made so
far if there is interest.)

Thanks and sorry for going a bit off-topic.


[1] http://www.itil.org.uk/
    (if someone likes more links, let me know) 

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