[rt-users] move resolved tickets into another table

Ralf Hack ralf.hack at pipex.net
Wed Apr 7 04:35:28 EDT 2004

    one of our oldest ticket systems suffers the 
death-by-too-many-closed-tickets syndrome. The number of resolved 
tickets that are held in the database is slowing the search and update 
of un-resolved tickets down to a crawl. This is largely due to a 
unfortunate choice of dbm files and perl to parse them and 
mysql/postgres may well push the boundaries for that.

    However, management has requested that we should move old tickets 
out into their own table to avoid seeking through bags of resolved 
tickets before finding the current tickets. Searching and listing of old 
tickets can well be done using a tick box indicating the explicit 
inclusion for this purpose.

    Has anyone though of doing this and how difficult would this be to 
implement ? I understand something like an explicit 'join' may be useful 
to do that ?


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