[rt-users] move resolved tickets into another table

Jim Rowan jim.rowan at starcore-dsp.com
Wed Apr 7 12:37:48 EDT 2004

>     However, management has requested that we should move old tickets
> out into their own table to avoid seeking through bags of resolved
> tickets before finding the current tickets. Searching and listing of
> tickets can well be done using a tick box indicating the explicit
> inclusion for this purpose.

First, I'd answer: "It's not worth the effort until you have proven that
you have a performance problem that can't be fixed via conventional

Postgres has a feature that might be very useful here, if you end up
doing this.  It allows you to create "child tables" that inherit the
structure of their parent, and if queried will include their data as
well.   Read about it in postgres' advance features documentation.
However, as you've stated the requirement, it strikes me as quite a bit
of work to implement, likely to require wizard-level RT skills.  If you
used the child table concept, you might just be able to modify
searchbuilder to include them when the "tick box" was checked.

You need to move records from many tables (it's a complex schema, well
documented elsewhere) into other tables.  If you want these "other"
tables to be functional from RT's perspective, they either have to be in
another database instance and be a "clone" of your RT installation (and
you have to keep the user tables sync'd), or you have to modify RT
(perhaps heavily) to teach it to look in these other tables in your
current instance.

The "separate instance" approach is probably easier, but it means that
you have to run two RT's and teach people to use the right one.

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