[Rt-users] Custom Statuses

Dave Dennis dmd at speakeasy.org
Thu Apr 15 15:53:38 EDT 2004

Sorry -- see previous mails.

Configurable end-game just means, instead of locked into

you get to put things like

"sold" or "sent brochure" or "check cleared" or whatever
as either subsets of or replacements for the ubiquitous
and not-detailed-enough "resolved" as a ticket end-condition.

Leaving tickets open / shuffling queues around is OK, but
launches into other issues, like queue growth or constantly
needing to mod one's searches in order to screen out the
"resolved this way" versus "resolved that way" scenarios.

Am I barking uselessly with a bad workflow model or does
that help explain and there's merit?  I've looked at how
we use RT and have made some adjustments, but this one
just doesn't seem to have a good solution.  Custom fields
don't show up on the resolve-ticket screens, and therein
lies a lot of the problem.

+ Dave Dennis
+ Seattle, WA
+ dmd at speakeasy.org
+ http://www.dmdennis.com

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Roger B.A. Klorese wrote:

> Dave Dennis wrote:
> >Better (in my view) to have basic functionality be a part of the product, and in
> >my opinion again, configurable end-game condition names is not a custom mod, its
> >a base functionality.
> >
> >
> Perhaps for you, but I've used RT for two years and have no idea what a
> "configurable end-game condition name" is... can you explain this?

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