[Rt-users] difficulties with rt2-to-rt3

Nathan J. Mehl rtusers at memory.blank.org
Fri Apr 16 10:26:18 EDT 2004

Using the latest version of rt2-to-rt3, I've been trying to do a test
run in preparation for the full migration.

rt2-to-dumpfile took about 18 hours to run, and when it exited
(successfully, it seemed), there was a largish "metadata" file in the
dump dir (as expected), and a "tickets-0" subdirectory that

That didn't seem promising, but I tried to run the dumpfile-to-rt3
script on the dump dir, which got as far into adding the "s" users,
and then hung with this error:

[Fr Ap 16 12:07:49 2004 [crit] DB driver ha no implemente th
AutoCommit attribut at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.3/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Handle.p line 611.

The gory system details:

	Fedora Core 1
	Perl 5.8.3
	Mysql 4.0.18

Any advice that anyone could offer would be appreciated.


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