[rt-users] HideGlobalScrips

Dan O'Neill rt at northpb.com
Mon Apr 19 17:38:02 EDT 2004

Yes, I recently installed Dirk's add on and am running Postgres.  I 
provided some changes back to Dirk for postgres.  Here is the schema that 
you need.

CREATE SEQUENCE queuedeactivatedscrips_id_seq;
CREATE TABLE QueueDeactivatedScrips (
  id INTEGER DEFAULT nextval('queuedeactivatedscrips_id_seq'),
  QueueId INTEGER NOT NULL default 0,
  ScripId INTEGER NOT NULL default 0,
  Status varchar(15) NOT NULL default 'deactivated',
  Description varchar(255) default NULL,
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON queuedeactivatedscrips_id_seq TO postgres;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON queuedeactivatedscrips        TO postgres;
GRANT INSERT,SELECT,UPDATE,DELETE ON queuedeactivatedscrips_id_seq TO 
GRANT INSERT,SELECT,UPDATE,DELETE ON queuedeactivatedscrips        TO 

Now, I did have some problems with permissions, that's why I added the 
GRANT lines above.  Please note that I did not do a reinstall to ensure 
that the above GRANT lines do the trick, but I did execute those commands 
manually psql.

By the way, it works great!  I love this addition to RT.


On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Kevin Murphy wrote:

> Does anybody have any experience using Dirk Pape's HideGlobalScrips 
> add-on?  (I'm using 3.0.10 & postgresql)  I would like some reassurance 
> that it won't hose anything up.
> As an alternative, is it possible to create a global scrip that 
> conditionally uses different templates depending on the queue, or a 
> global scrip that filters the content of the email that is about to be 
> sent out based on queue name?
> -Kevin

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