[rt-users] Help with mysql tables rt2 -> rt3

Dave Dennis dmd at speakeasy.org
Wed Apr 21 21:27:29 EDT 2004

Dear RT Folks,

In RT2 that we migrated from, the mysql table itself
was able to be used,

mysql > use mysql;
Database changed

however in the RT3 server (3.0.9, mysql 4.0.17)
I somehow managed to put up a working RT3 install
that has no mysql tables.  Not sure how, but here is what happens:

mysql > use mysql;

ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: 'root at localhost' to database 'mysql'

We have a working rt3 with this, but now we have to add to the mysql
users, and we're stuck.

We are thinking of standing up a different mysql 4.0.17 server,
tarring cvf /var/lib/mysql/mysql.tar /var/lib/mysql/mysql
then tar xvf that same tarfile back on top of the existing
mysql install with the fully configured rt3 .

Will this re-enable the mysql table rights without touching anything
in the table for rt3 ?


+ Dave Dennis
+ Seattle, WA
+ dmd at speakeasy.org
+ http://www.dmdennis.com

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