[rt-users] Help with mysql tables rt2 -> rt3

pdh at bestpractical.com pdh at bestpractical.com
Thu Apr 22 01:46:38 EDT 2004

Dave Dennis wrote:
> however in the RT3 server (3.0.9, mysql 4.0.17)
> I somehow managed to put up a working RT3 install
> that has no mysql tables.  Not sure how, but here is what happens:

RT3 uses the "rt3" database. The "mysql" database is none of
its concern (aside from providing the required rt_user account
for RT to access the rt3 database, that is...)

> mysql > use mysql;
> ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: 'root at localhost' to database 'mysql'

Someone has deleted root at localhost's access to the database.
That's not an RT problem, however www.mysql.com does tell
you how to recover from problems like that.

> We are thinking of standing up a different mysql 4.0.17 server,
> tarring cvf /var/lib/mysql/mysql.tar /var/lib/mysql/mysql
> then tar xvf that same tarfile back on top of the existing
> mysql install with the fully configured rt3 .

That would be bad. It might work, it might not, and it would
certainly cause your RT3 instance to become unusable.

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