[rt-users] Re: FreezeThaw error

pdh at bestpractical.com pdh at bestpractical.com
Thu Apr 22 06:54:18 EDT 2004

Rick Ellis wrote:
> We are also seeing this FreezeThaw error on Solaris 8, rt 3.0.10, Apache
> 1.3.18 and perl 5.8.3 with mod perl and mysql 4.0.18-max
> Is this a bug that is fixed in the next release? If it is, I'll wait for
> the next version before updating our soon to be live system.

We think so. The patch which was posted here by Ruslan in the
last couple of days has been adopted. Please try it out and
see if it works for you -- if it doesn't, we'll need to look
into it deeper if a fix is to be in 3.0.11.

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