[rt-users] Friendly "From:" not working

Cassily, Ryan rcassily at DENOVIS.COM
Thu Apr 22 11:00:07 EDT 2004

I have upgraded from 3.0.8 to 3.0.10.  Now all the messages that come into the system are from the queue name, not Sender via RT.  Here is the following configuration setting in RT_SiteConfig that I have.  Any changes to this seem to not make any difference after restarting apache.  Do I need to alter the format?

# By default, RT sets the outgoing mail's "From:" header to
# "SenderName via RT".  Setting this option to 0 disables it.

Set($UseFriendlyFromLine , 1);

# sprintf() format of the friendly 'From:' header; its arguments
# are SenderName and SenderEmailAddress.
Set($FriendlyFromLineFormat , "\"%s via RT\" <%s>");

# RT can optionally set a "Friendly" 'To:' header when sending messages to
# Ccs or AdminCcs (rather than having a blank 'To:' header.

# If you are using sendmail, rather than postfix, qmail, exim or some other MTA,
# you _must_ disable this option.

Set($UseFriendlyToLine , 0);

# sprintf() format of the friendly 'From:' header; its arguments
# are WatcherType and TicketId.
# Set($FriendlyToLineFormat, "\"%s of $RT::rtname Ticket #%s\":;");

Also, what are the parameters we can use in this section?  true or 1?

# if TrustHTMLAttachments is not defined, we will display them
# as text. This prevents malicious HTML and javascript from being
# sent in a request (although there is probably more to it than that)
Set($TrustHTMLAttachments , undef);

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