[rt-users] template objects

Paul Suela pds at skyinet.net
Sat Apr 24 01:22:04 EDT 2004

Hi Guys,

i'm trying to customize my Global Autoreply template so that it will 
reply bearing the name of the Queue the requestor emailed to. So if I 
have 3 different queues, the global autoreply will pickup the queue 
name... giving a sense of multiple request trackers. :)

the default auto-reply uses the [{$rtname} #{$Ticket->id()}] which gives 
out [rt.mydomain.com #43] both in the subject and in the body of the 
auto-reply message

- does anyone know what code to replace $rtname so that it will reflect 
the name of a specific queue?
- is there a listing available for all these "codes" that one can use in 
the templates?
- is it safe to do this and will correspondences still get grouped into 
the same queue name & ticket number?


current subject:
[rt.mydomain.com #46] AutoReply: test ticket

desired subject::
[myqueue #46] AutoReply: test ticket

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