[rt-users] getting the current queue name and how to move the ticket to another queue?

Swinkels, Marcel MSWINKELS at UPC.NL
Sat Apr 24 08:30:37 EDT 2004


despite reading the RTWiki pages I still don't know how I can get the
name (not the number) of the queue in which the ticket is in, using
scrip-code. I also cannot find how I can move the ticket from one queue
to the other using the name of the queue.

What I want to do is the following. A ticket comes in, the IP address is
filtered out and a query is made on the database to see to which country
the IP address belongs. That output is stored in a customfield. That all
works fine. I also know how to read the value of a CF. Our queues are
named like f.i. chello abuse AT, chello abuse NL etc. The CF contains
the country code. Our pre-filtering is done by procmail, but because
some people still mail to the wrong abuseaddress, it is possible that a
complaint for chello.at gets into the chello abuse NL queue. Therefor I
want to get the name of the current queue and regexp it to see if
there's a match (countrycode AT = chello abuse AT?) If the ticket is in
the wrong queue I want to move it to the correct queue.

Can someone tell me how I can:
- get the name of the current queue into a variable
- move a ticket to another queue using the name of it

Thank you very much in advance for any response.


Marcel Swinkels
chello abuse
UPC Nederland
mswinkels at upc.nl

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