[rt-users] how to change ticket label

Sebastian Flothow lists at flothow.de
Tue Apr 27 11:53:30 EDT 2004

Am 27. Apr 2004 um 07:28 Uhr schrieb Paul Suela:
> i'd like to change the label on the ticket name [...]
> from:    [rt.mydomain.com #89]
> to:        [request tracker #89]

No, you don't want to do this. The tags are supposed to identify 
tickets uniquely, and using your domain name is an easy and reliable 
way to ensure this - other people might use "request tracker" as well, 
possibly resulting in confusion and breakage.

However, you could probably set it to your domain name without "rt." in 


Sebastian Flothow
sebastian at flothow.de

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