[rt-users] Problem with german umlaut

Paulo Matos pjsm at fct.unl.pt
Wed Apr 28 13:27:17 EDT 2004

On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Jan Theofel wrote:

> When I recieve tickets including german umlauts bei email the umlauts
> are displayed wrong in the webinterface and in the mails to the user.
> Even my umlauts in the email template are displayed the wring way. There
> is no difference between a mail sent loacally (by mutt) or from other
> email clients remote.
> If the ticket is entered using the webinterface, the umlauts don't make
> problems. Even these in the mail template are ok.
> System: RT 3.0.10, perl 5.8.1, postgres database 7.3.4

	Please answer to the following questions:

	Which encoding do you use for sending mails (iso-8859-*)?
	What are your settings on @EmailInputEncodings, 
$EmailOutputEncoding on RT_SiteConfig.pm?
	What apache do you use? Is RT in a VirtualHost or not?
	Do you have AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 on apache config?	

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