[rt-users] On Correspond Own Ticket

Sam Stickland sam_ml at spacething.org
Fri Apr 30 09:53:56 EDT 2004


Appologies if this is covered in the archives but they seem to be offline at
the moment.

In RT there is currently a "On Correspond Open Tickets with template Blank"
scrip. I'd like to add a "On Correspond Own Ticket with template Blank", so
that when a staff member replies to a ticket in their email (that has
arrived by "On Create Notify AdminCcs with template Correspondence") it
opens the ticket and assigns it to them.

It seems like a fairly obvious thing to want to do, but I can't seem to find
a fairly obvious way to do it. Presumably this needs to be a User Defined
action with some custom code. Does someone have an example?


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