[rt-users] AW: RT2 Modifying Template to include attachments in emails

Andreas Wahlfeldt awahlfeldt at subshell.com
Tue Aug 3 07:59:43 EDT 2004

hi stefan,

maybe my answer is a little late, but since there are no follow-ups to your
post it might still be helpfull.
we use a modified version of the attached 'NotifyWithAttachment.pm' written
by Staffan Larsen(?).

it's used this way:
> 1. Read the README
> 2. Copy the perl module to rt2/lib/RT/Action/ (since this is a
> 3a.execute the insert database script - this adds NotifyWithAttachment to
the list of known ScripActions.
> 3b.or use the following sql-statement on the rt-db: insert into
ScripActions values (##,'NotifyAllWatchersWithAttachment','Sends mail to all
watchers with attachments','NotifyWithAttachment','All','4','2002-07-19
13:30:00',1,'2002-07-19 13:30:00');
> Then, use this action in a scrip or your choosing.  I modified the 
> OnCorrespond script to use this action instead of NotifyAllWatchers.
> NOTE: I found a misspelled hash key in my copy of NotifyWithAttachment.pm
> Around line 54, change "Disposisiton" to "Disposition"

good luck.

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this is probably a faq, but since the web-search feature to this list seems
broken, it is hard for me to find it out - the RT2 docs also seem broken
(redirecting to webarchive which doesn't always find a cached version).
Google didn't help me either.

I need to know how to modify a template in RT2 so it includes the
attachments of the original request into email send with the corresdpondance

Current Template "Default correspondence template":
--- snip ---

--- snap ---


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