[rt-users] rt won't run/start--urgent

Matthew Joseff mjoseff at yellowbrix.com
Tue Aug 3 11:54:21 EDT 2004

Can you telnet to port 80 of the box?

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Anne Ramey wrote:

}we had our box that runs our rt ticket system crash last night.  It's back up
}now and apache and mysql are up and running as normal and perl is still there,
}but I get no response at all from rt.  If you try and go to the web site, it
}has a connection failure, with nothing in the logs at all, not the access or
}error log.  The messages log says the mail is being delivered the the queues,
}but it is never processes and sent out the the watchers.  Please help.
}Anne Ramey
}Be sure to check out the RT wiki at http://wiki.bestpractical.com

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