[rt-users] not sending notifications to users that already received them

Albert Dvornik bert+rt at rti.com
Tue Aug 3 19:13:11 EDT 2004

Todd Chapman <rt at chaka.net> writes:
> On the srface this seems like a good idea, but there are issues to
> consider. What RT sends out is based on the configured templates. By
> not sending to some users who are already Cc'd you risk that
> different users see similar but probably different messages.

OK, this is a very good argument for why this shouldn't be the default

I've just put this up on the wiki for now:

Todd, feel free to add your cautions to the page (I didn't feel like
blatantly cut+pasting from your e-mail).

> RT 3.2 also records all out-going e-mails. By not sending to some
> users you will not have the positive confirmation that e-mail was
> sent to a particular user.
> -Todd

The only *truly* positive confirmation would be a return receipt from
the user's mail system, no?


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