[rt-users] Microsoft SQL Server

Odhiambo Washington wash at wananchi.com
Wed Aug 4 06:46:41 EDT 2004

* Brett Barnhart <BrettB at hkusa.com> [20040803 23:41]: wrote:
> I have RT up and running on a Fedora Linux box running mySQL. My company has
> several production SQL servers that are backed up, raided, etc running
> Microsoft SQL Server.
> Is it possible to move the DB from my Linux box to SQL Server? From my
> company's perspective, there are lots of advantages to doing this.
> I am not concerned with moving Data over to the new box (we are just
> starting to use it) but does anyone have a script to create the appropriate
> tables and permissions? We are also using RTFM.
> I assume that it is just a matter of editing the config file to point to the
> new database location.
> Any help would be great!

A quick look at RT (rt-3.2.1) tells me that RT does not support
Microshit SQL servers.

This was gleaned from the ./configure options for rt-3.2.1 :

--with-db-type=TYPE     sort of database RT will use (default: mysql)     
                        (mysql, Pg, Oracle, Informix and SQLite are valid)

Which one of those is SQL server?

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