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Garrett Goebel garrett at scriptpro.com
Wed Aug 4 08:33:29 EDT 2004

Brett Barnhart wrote:
> I have RT up and running on a Fedora Linux box running mySQL.
> My company has several production SQL servers that are backed
> up, raided, etc running Microsoft SQL Server.
> Is it possible to move the DB from my Linux box to SQL Server?
> From my company's perspective, there are lots of advantages to
> doing this.
> I am not concerned with moving Data over to the new box (we are
> just starting to use it) but does anyone have a script to create
> the appropriate tables and permissions? We are also using RTFM.
> I assume that it is just a matter of editing the config file to
> point to the new database location.

You know what they say about assumptions...

RT to my knowledge does not yet run on MS SQL Server. There's a different
variant of SQL for each database vendor. The schema definition, sql querying
syntax, and optimizations of indexes, constraints, etc. will be different
for mysql, postgresql, oracle, etc.

That said, the design of RT makes the support of other database backends
possible. But it will still be a lot of work. -Unless someone is sitting on
the code for the MS SQL support...

I'm a lurker on the RT lists. The initial need which led me to investigate
RT went away. But I'm still lurking, hoping to find the time and an excuse
to bring up a production implementation of RT for some purpose or another.
If/when I find the excuse, I'll be in the same camp as you.

So please, keep me updated on your progress. And if you get stuck or need a
second opinion, drop me a note.

If you haven't already, you'll probably want to check out www.freetds.org.
FreeTDS is a project which implements the tabular datastream protocol which
you can use on UNIXes with Perl and DBD::ODBC or DBD::Sybase to communicate
with Sybase and MS SQL database servers.


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