[rt-users] Tickets Display and Rights

Odhiambo Washington wash at wananchi.com
Wed Aug 4 10:45:38 EDT 2004

Hello users,

I am running rt-3.2.1 here with MySQL-3.23.58 and
apache-1.3.31+mod_perl1 on FreeBSD.

Now that I've given the standard greeting ;) ..

I would like to find out if someone has managed to do the following:

We have designated a user to be the manager (not superuser) in RT and
she has asked me the following questions:


1. Can I get the following rights or get them customised if possible.

a. Establish how many tickets each individual owns at a glance
   e.g. At a glance I can see that user1 has 5 open tickets, user2
   has 3 open tickets, etc

b. Can I also be able to get rights to see ALL outgoing correspondence
   and comments made on tickets rather than searching through each one. 
   I.E. I am either cc'd in all correspondence or Bcc'd?

c. Statistics for open tickets and stalled: I would like have the total
  generated and I can search for say one month back / two weeks etc


Looking at (a), it seems something quite doable, bar for my lack of
programming skills. But I believe the info can be easily presented
on a link on the main Ticket display page. It's a matter of sql queries
and displaying, yes? Perhaps I should just run the query and send here
the output.

(b) seems something that is easy to do via a Scrip, once I have given/
    designated her the proper Global role, yes?

(c) It is easy to get the stats for open and stalled tickets, but the
    searches - I wonder why the hell she needs that. This can be done
    using Ticket Search, yes?

Or am I just not understanding her needs? 

       - wash 
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