[rt-users] Queue Question and users who can view a queue

Michael S. Liebman m-liebman at northwestern.edu
Wed Aug 4 16:20:14 EDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 04:11:10PM -0400, Shawn Guillemette wrote:
> Users A,B, and C I want to be part of the support queue.
> Users E and F are part of a NET-OPS queue.
> Id like users a,b and c to be able to view only the support queue. At
> the same time Id like to have the NET-OPS users be able to monitor both
> the Support and NET-OPS queue.

Grant SeeQueue and ShowTicket and whatever else you need to a-e on
support. Grant to only e and f on NET-OPS. Make sure you have no
global rights that will supercede the queue rights.

> I have tried many combinations of permissions to accomplish this how
> ever I have not had any luck.

You may want to look over the rights information on the wiki at

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